What you can do in IntelliConnect

Want to know what you can do in IntelliConnect?

Here is a quick summary of the available features to help you get the most out of your IntelliConnect research experience.


You can search content in your entire subscription right from the home page. You do not need to select the topic areas first that you wish to search, unless you want to target the search in this manner. After your search results display on screen, you can also search within those search results to further narrow your results. Note that each time you search, a new tab opens with the results for that search displayed. This allows you to keep multiple tab windows open so you can work with the content in each open window. Note that a maximum of eight tabs can be displayed on screen at one time, and you can turn the Auto Tabs feature off if you do not want your search results displayed in a new tab every time you run a search. You can also search by citation.


All content available in your subscription is displayed in a Table of Contents on the Browse Tree. You can expand topics and subtopics until you get to a document, which is then displayed in the results window (to the right) on a new tab. Note that when you browse content and get to a document, the Auto Tabs feature is automatically turned off by default so that only one tab stays open to display all of your documents. You can also run a search from the Browse Tree with your selections targeted or run a search within the current document displayed in the results window. You can even search the entire subscription right from the Browse Tree.

Document Tray

The Document Tray is a handy feature that allows you to temporarily park documents in a location that you can access during your research session. Once you’ve parked the document, you can go back to the tray, access your document, and take some action with it. For example, you can copy and/or move the document to a Research Folder, print it, save it, or delete it from the tray entirely. Note that when you log out of IntelliConnect, documents in the tray will be deleted unless you indicate that you wish to save them. The system will prompt you at logout asking if you wish to save the documents for your next research session.

Research Folders

The Research Folders feature allows you store documents in Research Folders that you can access later. Documents stored in the Research Folder will remain in your folder until you delete them. You can create Research Folders from the Document Tray feature or Research Folders feature. Within the research folder itself, you can rename the folder, delete the folder, or add a note to any document within the folder. You can even copy and/or move the document to another Research Folder or Document Tray, print it, save it, or delete it from the folder entirely.

My Favourites

The My Favourites feature allows you to save IntelliConnect documents as shortcuts. Shortcuts can be saved as document links within IntelliConnect as a Favourite or as external links in other applications such as MS-Word, or in your internet browser as a Favourite. When you save a document as a favourite within IntelliConnect, it will appear in the Browse Tree (at the top) under My Favourites.


This feature keeps track of your searches and allows you to go back and rerun a search at a later time. Your search history is saved by default for 60 days.