Searching from Browsed Content

After you browse for content (and locate subject areas in which you have interest), you can still perform a search to further refine your results. Searching from browsed content allows you to search just those specific areas you select from the Browse menu-tree.

To search from browsed content:

The main Browsing through your content page displays, and the menu-tree for your product content displays on the left pane under Browse.

Note: You can easily resize the windows in IntelliConnect by clicking and dragging the bar that separates the windows. For more information on customising the windows in IntelliConnect, see Sizing your Windows.
Note: After you click in the checkbox next to one or more areas of interest on the menu-tree, you will notice that the search scope drop-down menu displays selected content to show that you are narrowing the scope of your search to the items you have selected.

Your search results display in the search results window.