Using the Split Screen Display in Search Results

IntelliConnect allows you to work with your search results and quickly preview any of the documents returned by your search. After a document is selected from the list of search results, the IntelliConnect split screen display opens. The Split screen display consists of two windows: the search results window and the Preview Pane.

The search results window contains the list of documents returned by your search, while the Preview Pane (located below the search results window) contains a preview of the currently selected document from the search results list.

Opening and closing the Preview Pane

The Preview Pane is actually a window in which documents you select display in a separate window directly below the search results window.

To open the Preview Pane (and preview a document):

The Preview Pane opens, and a preview of the document you selected displays.

To close the Preview Pane:

The Preview Pane closes, and the search results window expands to fill the entire split screen window.

Customising the Split screen display

You can customise the split screen display depending on how you want the search results and Preview Pane displayed while using IntelliConnect.

To resize the Preview and Search Results windows:

The windows are resized based on where you move the horizontal dividing line.

In addition to resizing the search results window and Preview Pane by moving the horizontal dividing line which separates the two panes, you can also customise the split-screen display in other ways.

To maximise the Preview Pane:

The Preview Pane is maximised, and the search results window is minimised.

To restore the Preview Pane to its split screen view:

The Preview Pane restores to its split-screen view.