Using Advanced Search Options

IntelliConnect's Advanced Search options feature allows you to apply a thesaurus to your search, look up the synonyms for your search term, limit your search to specific jurisdictions or courts, or search according to a specific set of dates. You can even use search options to view, delete, or rerun a saved search.

The Advanced Search icon displays to the right of the search expression field. The Advanced Search icon denotes that a date restriction has been applied to any subsequent searches.

Tip: After you enter your search terms and set your search options, you can run the search immediately by clicking the Search Now button.


To apply the thesaurus to all of your searches:

The Advanced Search box displays.

Each time you perform a search, the thesaurus is applied to your search, and the thesaurus terms for your search expression are used to determine your results.

Note: The thesaurus will continue to be applied to all subsequent searches until you deselect the Apply Thesaurus checkbox in the Advanced Search box.

Synonym Lookup

To look up synonyms for your search term:

The Advanced Search box is displayed.

Terms that are synonyms of the term you typed in the Synonym Lookup field display.

Note: Repeat the steps above to look up synonyms for additional terms.

Search by Date

To set a date range restriction:

The Advanced Search options box is displayed.

After you select an option other than the default Any Day selection, one or both sets of the date selection fields become active.

To remove the date restriction:

The Advanced Search options dialogue box displays.

This will remove the previously applied search limits to your search results.