Searching Selected Content

If you already have an idea of which specific areas you want to search, IntelliConnect allows you to target selected content for your search.

To search selected content:

The main Browsing through your content page displays, and the menu-tree for your product content displays on the left pane under Browse.

Note: After you click the checkbox next to one or more areas of interest on the menu-tree, you will notice that the search scope drop-down menu displays selected content to show that you are narrowing the scope of your search to the items you have selected.

Tip: Depending on your preference settings, IntelliConnect displays search suggestions as you type your search expression. The search suggestions are created dynamically as you type your search terms in the search expression field. To perform a search using one of the search suggestions that is displayed, select it from the list that is automatically displayed and then click . Note that IntelliConnect displays a maximum of 10 search term suggestions at a time. For more information on turning the search suggestion feature on or off in preferences, see Setting your Preferences.

Your search results are displayed on a new tab in the search results window, and the results include documents from the specific areas of content you selected.

Tip: After performing a search, you can use post-search filters to quickly filter your results by Document Type, Library, Topic, or Jurisdiction (depending on your subscription).

The post-search filter you selected first to narrow your results after your previous search is the post-search filter that is shown open and expanded after you perform your latest search.

For more information on filtering your search results, see Using filters and post-search filters to narrow your search results.