Searching within a Document

Not only can you use IntelliConnect to search for documents, you can also search within documents you have found while performing research.

To search within a document:

The document you selected displays.

Tip: Depending on your preference settings, IntelliConnect displays search suggestions as you type your search expression. The search suggestions are created dynamically as you type your search terms in the search expression field. To perform a search using one of the search suggestions that is displayed, select it from the list that is automatically displayed and then click . Note that IntelliConnect displays a maximum of 10 search term suggestions at a time. For more information on turning the search suggestion feature on or off in preferences, see Setting your Preferences.

IntelliConnect searches within the selected document for your additional search terms. After the search is complete, the document displays with all occurrences of your search term(s) highlighted for easy viewing and reference.