Searching your publication titles (Titles A-Z)

With IntelliConnect, you can search all of the publication titles within your subscription. In other words, you can search your Titles A-Z!

Titles A-Z is an alphabetised list of all the titles included in your subscription. If you know the title of the specific publication within your subscription you want to view, Titles A-Z gives you a quick and easy way to access that particular publication.

To search your publication titles:

Note: If you have navigated away from the main page of IntelliConnect and the Browse Tree is no longer displayed, simply click the Browse link located on the Quick Bar (or click the Home link).

As you type your search terms in the Title Finder field, the list of publications is filtered to only those titles that match your search terms.

For more information on Titles A-Z, see Browsing your Publication Titles (Titles A-Z).