Using the Auto Tabs

When you perform a search with IntelliConnect, your search results display in the search results pane. At the top of each separate set of search results is an Auto Tab that is labeled according to the search term(s) you used for that particular search.

If you have the Auto Tabs feature turned on, each time you perform a new search a new tab is displayed (with 7 tabs being the maximum that can be displayed at one time).

For more information on turning on Auto Tabs, see Turning Auto Tabs On or Off.

Tip: To quickly close all open tabs, click the Close All Tabs icon .

To open a new tab:

Your search results are displayed on a new tab.

Note: The new tab is displayed to the right of any tabs from previous searches.

To close a tab:

Note: If you no longer want to receive this message, click in the checkbox next to Don’t display this message again before clicking Yes or No.

The selected tab is closed.

To move from one tab to another:

With more than one tab displayed on your screen, simply click the tab you want to view.

The tab you selected becomes the active tab, and the search results for the selected tab are displayed in the search results window.

Tip: IntelliConnect makes it easy to manage your open tabs by labeling the tab according to the search term(s) used to return the results for that tab.

There may be times, however, when your search expression is too long to be completely displayed on the tab. For example, if you perform a search using tax legislation and state income tax as your search expression, only tax legislation appears on the label of the tab.

To view a tab’s complete search expression, simply move your mouse pointer and hover it directly over the tab for which you want to view the complete search expression. After a moment, a pop-up box is displayed showing the complete search expression.