Saving items from a Document List

While performing research with IntelliConnect, you can save items from a document list so you can view the items after you have ended your research session. You can save items from a document list as a PDF (.PDF) or RTF (.RTF) text file.

To save selected documents in PDF or RTF text format:

If you selected PDF format, the items are displayed in your default application for viewing PDF files.

- Or -

If you selected RTF text format, the File Download dialogue box is displayed.

Note: Depending on your browser settings, the browser window may include a warning message that says a download has been blocked. Click the actual warning message at the top of the browser window and select Download File.

The Save As or Save a Copy dialogue box is displayed (depending on your previous selection).

Select the location to which you want to save the file, type the name for the file in the File name field, and then click the Save button.

The documents you selected are saved in the location you specified in PDF or RTF format.