Opening a Document in Split-Screen Mode

With IntelliConnect, you can preview the contents of a document you have found while searching for documents.

Viewing the document in split-screen mode allows you to preview the contents of a document while keeping your search results visible.

Note: While browsing for documents, if you click the link of a document on the Browse tree, the document is automatically opened in maximised view mode.

To open a document in split-screen mode:

From your search results list (or a document list), click the document link.

The document is displayed minimised within the Preview Pane in split-screen mode right below your search results list.

Note: Depending on how you have your document viewing preferences set, double-clicking a document link may open it in the Preview Pane as well. (For more information on setting your document viewing preferences, see Setting your Preferences.)
Tip: Maximising a document

To maximise a document within the Preview Pane, simply click the Maximise button. To minimise the document and return the pane to split-screen mode, click the Restore Down button.