Opening a Document to Fill the Windows (Maximised View Mode)

While the Preview Pane allows you to quickly see a preview of the document you have selected, you can also open a document and maximise it on your screen.

Note: IntelliConnect allows you to choose the view option that is enabled when you double-click on a document link. Depending on which double-click option you currently have selected in your Preferences, the following steps may or may not produce the desired result.

For more information on how to set your document’s double-click option, see Setting your Preferences.

To open a document to fill the windows:

The document opens in a maximised view mode and fills the entire area of the search results and Preview Pane.

Tip: Minimising a document

To minimise the view of a document you are viewing in full-screen mode, simply click the Restore down button. The split screen window is restored, and the document you have open displays in the Preview Pane.