Saving a Document

While performing research with IntelliConnect, you can save a document so that you can view it after you end your research session. You can save a document as a PDF (.pdf) or RTF (.rtf) text file.

To save a document in PDF or RTF text format:

If you selected the PDF format, the File Download box opens, allowing you to view and/or save PDF files. If you selected the RTF text format, the File Download dialog box displays, allowing you to view and/or save using the RTF format.
Note: Depending on your browser settings, the browser window may include a warning message that says a download has been blocked. Click the actual warning message at the top of the browser window and select Download File.

The Save As or Save a Copy dialogue box displays.

The document you selected saves in the location you specified as a PDF (.pdf) or RTF (.rtf) text file.