About History

The History feature in IntelliConnect keeps track of all the searches you’ve run along with any documents you’ve viewed from those searches. Note that your recent searches and recent documents are stored by default for 60 days and then purged from the system. To continue to save documents in History past the 60-day time period, you can copy or move those documents to Research Folders or even save the documents as Text or PDF files. You can also copy or move documents from History to the Document Tray temporarily during your research session. Options to print the documents and/or the document list are also available to you from the History feature.

History also allows you to rerun any search that’s been stored during the 60-day period. When you rerun a search from History, you may find additional documents from your original search that were added during the 60-day period. Searches from History are always rerun as if you were running them for the first time. If this is a search that you frequently run, you may wish to save the search so that you can access it from Search Options indefinitely.

Note: The maximum number of documents that can be retrieved through the History facility is 200. This may mean that from time to time, the History facility stores documents for less than 60 days if the 200 document limit is reached at anytime within a 60-day period. The system will automatically purge the least recent results in order to accommodate the most recent results within the 200 document maximum.