Adding selected documents from History to Research Folders

IntelliConnect’s convenient History feature allows you to easily save and/or move documents from History to Research Folders.

To Add selected documents from History to your Research Folders:

The system displays your recent documents by default on the right pane.

The Copy selected document(s) to Research Folders dialogue box displays with the Create New Folder option selected as the default.

The system creates the new folder and saves all of the documents you selected to your new folder.

- Or -

Note: The folder name defaults to today’s date. You can leave the folder name as is or choose a different name.
The system saves the checked documents to the folder you selected and the number of documents display in parenthesis to the right of the Research Folder.
Note: You can save the documents to any pre-existing Research Folder you desire.
Note: The maximum number of documents that can be retrieved through the History facility is 200. This may mean that from time to time, the History facility stores documents for less than 60 days if the 200 document limit is reached at anytime within a 60-day period, the least recent results being purged in order to accommodate the most recent results within the 200 document maximum.