Viewing recent documents from History

You can view recent documents by using the History feature.

To view a recent document:

The system displays your recent documents by default on the right pane.

Note: You can either view the History list by Documents or by Searches. To toggle between these two views options, click on the desired option under the Display section.

The document displays in the Preview Pane below the History list.

Tip: You can narrow the History list to display only those documents for a specified time frame by using the Filter by Date option

See also: Narrowing recent documents and searches by date.

Note: The maximum number of documents that can be retrieved through the History facility is 200. This may mean that from time to time, the History facility stores documents for less than 60 days if the 200 document limit is reached at anytime within a 60-day period. The system will automatically purge the least recent results in order to accommodate the most recent results within the 200 document maximum.

To view a history document in a new window:

The document displays in the Preview Pane.

The document displays in a new browser window.

Note: To view more of a document without opening it in a new browser window, simply click the Maximise button on the Preview Pane.