Saving product content to My Favourites

While browsing your product content on IntelliConnect, you may find particular content areas that interest you, or that you might want to reference in the future. To save you time during your next research session, you can save product content to My Favourites.

My Favourites is located at the top of the Browse Tree, which is located in the left pane of the main IntelliConnect page.

Tip: The My Favourites menu item is expanded by default to show all of the content you have added. If you have not yet added any content to My Favourites, a message is displayed showing you how to add content to My Favourites.

To save product content to My Favourites:

Click the plus + icon to the left of a content area of interest on the Browse Tree.

Note: If you have navigated away from the main page of IntelliConnect and the Browse Tree is no longer displayed, simply click the Browse link located on the Quick Bar (or click the Home link).

The section of the Browse Tree you selected is expanded to display the content contained at the next level in that particular section.

Continue to drill down through the Browse Tree by clicking the plus + and minus - icons to the left of items to expand and collapse sections until you reach the item you want to save to My Favourites.

The item you selected is added to My Favourites, and the Add to My Favourites icon is shaded to show that the item is now saved to My Favourites.