Using Pinpoint Templates for your searches

The quickest way to locate a document is to search for it using the document reference number (if you know its section number or case citation) by using Pinpoint on the Quick Bar from the Home page. This search method is particularly handy if it’s a citation that you need to locate over and over again. If you are not exactly sure how the citation reference is formatted, you can run the search using a Pinpoint template.

You can search for case citation references in documents using the templates provided in your subscription. This is helpful if you aren’t exactly sure how those case citation references are formatted.

To run a Pinpoint search from the Home page:

A list of available document categories from which you can search displays in the left pane.

The system displays all of the Pinpoint templates available for the category selected in the right pane. To narrow the list of available templates by subcategory (i.e., publication), click the plus sign + next to the category or click the subcategory name below it. If necessary, continue clicking subcategories until you find the one you wish to use.

The system searches for documents containing the case citation reference you entered for the category or subcategory selected and displays them in the right pane. You can select the number of items to display per page by selecting a number in the drop-down list box at the bottom of the list (up to 100, if necessary).