About Practice Areas

Your IntelliConnect subscription give you access to business-specific content areas called Practice Areas. These are the main content areas (or libraries) within your IntelliConnect subscription from which you can browse or perform searches.

Tip: You can view the Practice Areas to which you have access in your subscription in the Practice Areas section of IntelliConnect.

In addition to browsing and searching all of the content within the Practice Areas included within your subscription, you can create customised Practice Areas profiles that contain only specific areas of user-selected content. For example, you can create a Practice Areas profile that contains only Family Law related content, give it a unique name, and then quickly select it from the search scope drop-down menu.

Not only do these custom Practice Areas profile settings allow you to target very specific content with your searches, it also updates the content displayed on the Browse menu based on the content you included in the selected Practice Areas profile.

Creating Practice Area profiles gives you the ability to hide or reveal content (i.e. Practice Areas) in your subscription as necessary for your research needs.

Note: You can create up to 20 custom Practice Areas profiles that are viewable on the search scope drop-down menu.