Copying documents between Research Folders

You can easily copy documents from one Research Folder to another within Research Folders.
Note: You can create Research Folders just prior to copying documents to them via the Create New Folder option.

To copy documents between Research Folders:

The system displays all of your research folders in the Research Folders listing on the left pane.

Note: The number of documents contained in each Research Folder displays in parenthesis after the folder name.

The system displays all of the documents contained in the Research Folder you selected on the right pane.

The Copy selected documents dialogue box displays.

The system copies the documents to the folder you selected, and they are now housed in both folders. Note the number of documents shown in parentheses for both Research Folders reflect the new total.

Tip: If you want to create a new Research Folder for the documents you are copying, click the drop-down arrow in the Copy selected document(s) to Research Folders dialogue box, select Create New Folder, and click OK. (Note that the folder name is pre-filled with today’s date, which is the system default. You can leave the folder name as is or type in a different name in the Folder name field.) When you finish entering the folder name, click OK. The new folder is created, and you can click OK again to copy the selected documents into the newly created folder.