Viewing Research Folder notes

You can always tell if a Document Note is attached to a Research Folder by the way the Notes icon displays. If the Note icon displays next to the Research Folder, it indicates that there is an active note attached that you can view at any time.

To view a Research Folder note:

Any Research Folders you created previously are displayed in the left pane, and the contents of the currently selected Research Folder are shown in the right pane.

Note: The number of documents contained in each Research Folder are displayed in brackets to the right of the folder name.

- Or -

Note: The Note icon appears indicating a note has been added. When there is no Note icon next to a Research Folder, this means there is no note associated with the Research Folder.
Tip: From the Notes dialogue box, you can edit the note text or delete all of the note text (which deletes the note). For more information on adding, editing, and deleting notes, see Adding, editing, and deleting Research Folder notes.