Working with Shared Research Folders

After sharing a Research Folder on IntelliConnect (or having a folder shared with you), there are various ways you can work with the shared Research Folder. A shared Research Folder works very similar to a regular Research Folder on IntelliConnect, except that it can be viewed by selected colleagues.

Note: Shared Research Folders may not be available within your subscription. If you have questions, please contact customer service or your sales representative.

To change sharing settings for a shared Research Folder:

Note: You can only edit the sharing settings of Research Folders you have shared with your colleagues, not folders that have been shared with you by others.

To stop sharing a shared Research Folder:

To change the owner of a shared Research Folder:

IntelliConnect will send a message to the new owner of the shared Research Folder unless you clear the checkbox next to Send email notification to new owner.

To view members of a shared Research Folder: