Rerunning a Saved Search

After you save one or more searches, you can easily rerun any of your Saved Searches.

Note: Rerunning a Saved Search does not guarantee that the search will return the exact same results as the first time it was run. A saved search is not merely a snapshot of the results that were returned the first time you ran the search. Each time you rerun a saved search on IntelliConnect, it is as if you are running the search for the first time, and the most-up-to-date results display.

To rerun a saved search:

The Saved Searches dialogue box displays, and all of the searches you have saved are shown in a list.

The search is rerun, and the search results display on a new tab.
Note: If you already have five tabs open, a dialogue box appears prompting you to close one of the tabs you have open before rerunning a search.