Viewing documents from your search results

After you perform a search, and your search results display on your screen, you can view any of the documents from the list. You can view documents in a Preview Pane, or a new window. Depending on how you have your preferences set, you can double-click a document link to either view a preview of the document in the Preview Pane, open the document in full screen mode, or open the document in a new window.

Note: If your search was narrowly focused and only one document matching your query was returned, the document is automatically shown in the Preview Pane.

To preview a document from your search results:

The document displays in the Preview Pane.

To view a document in a new window:

The document displays in the Preview Pane.

The document displays in a new browser window.

Note: To view more of a document without opening it in a new browser window, simply click the Maximise pane button on the Preview Pane.