Creating a new Research Folder from the Document Tray

If you want to move or copy documents from the Document Tray into a new Research Folder, you can create the new folder as you move or copy the documents.

To create a new Research Folder from the Document Tray:

The Document Tray displays on its own tab, and the Document Tray folder displays on the left pane. The number of documents contained in the Document Tray folder appears in parentheses to the right of the folder.

The Copy selected documents or Move selected documents dialogue box displays.

The Create New Folder dialogue box displays.

The new research folder is available from the list of folders displayed on the drop-down menu.

Note: The folder you created is added to your Research Folders. To view the new Research Folder you created (along with everything else you have added to Research Folders), click the Research Folders link located on the Quick Bar.