Printing the Document Tray List

After you have stored documents in the Document Tray, not only can you view the list of all the documents you have placed in the tray, but you can also print a copy of the list for your reference and review.

To print a copy of the Document Tray list:

The Document Tray displays on its own tab, and the Document Tray folder displays on the left pane. The number of documents contained in the Document Tray folder appears in parentheses to the right of the folder.

If you select Print selected as list (PDF), the Document Tray list displays in a new browser window.

If you select the Print selected as list (text) format, the Print dialogue box displays.

The Document Tray list is sent to your printer.

Note: You can also click the File menu and select Save As if you want to save the Document Tray list as a PDF (.pdf) or text (.txt) file.