Saving documents from the Document Tray

The Document Tray allows you to set aside documents you find during your current research session, but there may be times when you want to save one or more of the documents you have added to the Document Tray. IntelliConnect gives you the ability to select documents from the Document Tray and save them so you can easily reference them even after completing your research session.

To save documents from the Document Tray:

The Document Tray displays on its own tab, and the Document Tray folder displays on the left pane. The number of documents contained in the Document Tray folder appears in parentheses to the right of the folder.

The File Download dialogue box displays.
Note: Depending on your browser settings, a new browser window may display that includes a warning message that says a download has been blocked. Click the actual warning message at the top of the browser window and select Download File.

The Save As dialogue box displays.

The documents you selected are saved in the location you specify as a PDF (.pdf) or RTF (.rtf) file.