Setting Tracker News delivery options

You can change your Tracker News delivery option settings at any time. (Note: Before you add your first Tracker, you need to set up your Tracker News Delivery Options.)

To set up your Tracker News Delivery Options:

- Or -

If you have already added Trackers and currently have Trackers listed in the Tracker News section of the Tracker Auto Tab, click the Add/Modify Trackers link.

Click the Delivery Options link.

The Tracker News Delivery Options dialogue box displays, allowing you to set your email delivery and content options. You can also find the link needed by RSS readers to receive your Tracker News via your RSS reader.

Email Delivery Options

Email Content Options

RSS Reader Link

An RSS reader is a tool that frequently checks sites to which you have subscribed and downloads any documents or RSS feeds it finds. If you use an RSS reader to subscribe to sites that have RSS feeds, you can add Trackers to the list of items you can add to your RSS reader. After you set up your Trackers in your RSS reader, you can receive the results of your Tracker News searches as you would any other RSS feed to which you subscribe.

Saving Your Settings

When you finish setting your Tracker News Delivery Options, click the Apply changes button to save your settings.

The Tracker News Delivery Options dialogue box closes, and the changes you made to your delivery option settings are saved.